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Herpes on the advance - only each fifth knows around infection.

Ever more humans sticks on themselves despite better preventing chances with Genitalherpes. Approximately 15 per cent of humans in Germany are of the Herpes simplex virus type 2 concerned, which can lead in particular at genital organs to painful excursion, said the Krefelder expert Sawko Wassilew in a discussion to the first international Herpes week of 18 until 25 November 2000.

Only approximately each fifth knows according to estimations about this infection. Particularly with the sexual intercourse therefore too few humans of a possible infection bent forwards. Condoms can stop the viruses. The Herpes week had proclaimed those internationally Herpes Alliance (IHA). Since 1999 the existing union of researchers and groups of self-helps wants to improve thereby the clearing-up.

World-wide are infected 107 million humans. The skin illness continues to spread according to specification Wassilews. Alone after the recent numbers in the USA it gave within ten years an increase of the infected ones around approximately 30 per cent, said the director of the Dermatologi hospital to Krefeld and professor of the Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf.

So far there is neither an inoculation still another means, which kill the viruses in the body. For years researchers look vaccine up feverful for a Herpes. " in the next ten years it will give, forecast thereby however no break-through " Wassilew. A vaccine in the clinical test phase failed last. A continuous handling can prevent the passing on of the virus however according to estimations to 95 per cent. Also breaking out the illness the antiviral medicines bent to a large extent forwards. They prevent a propagation of the viruses in the body and in the last years were strongly improved.

The propagation of the immunodeficiency illness aids is strongly favoured according to estimate Wassilews by the spreading by Herpes. " with certain Herpes infections the REAR virus is passed substantially faster ", said Wassilew. The aids research sets therefore large hopes into successes in the fight against Herpes. Above all humans with sexually portable diseases are exposed also to a higher Herpes risk and should let itself be tested on an infection, guessed Wassilew. With the type of virus 2 got sick usually suffer under a vesicle excursion at the sex sections. Still more frequently, in addition, substantially harmless, type of virus is 1, which causes the common lip and face vesicles.


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